Monday, March 29, 2010

11,500 Can't Be Wrong!

With 11,500 signatures on the petition supporting the resumption of passenger rail services between Waikato and Auckland, the Government & its transport agency will find it difficult to ignore the overwhelming public support for such a service.

They no doubt will not like it, and some of their members certainly think Waikato residents are ungrateful - after all they're getting their $2 Billion Expressway between Waikato and Auckland's gridlock, aren't they? But they will have to get used to a growing understanding that NO ONE transport solution is going to unlock the future economic development of this (and other) regions.

Forward-thinking people right around the country are recognising that public transport will be a big part of a modern New Zealand, and will help position it to meet future economic and social demands.

Agencies like the Govt's NZ Transportr Agency and Environment Waikato will also need to get their heads around this, and work with the local Councils and their communities to promote the many affordable ways to develop this and other public transport options.


  1. It is not a question of private transport (car) or public transport - both are needed. If good public transport was available, families would not need the 2nd (or 3rd!) car. Think of the economic savings there! And don't forget the needs of those who for various reasons are unable drive or don't have a vehicle.

    Michael McDonald

  2. I can't believe that so many people want Stephen Joyce to drive the train. Driving a train is something you only do after long training, and with specific training for the particular route. Train drivers are also monitored, and if they have any incidents, drug tested. That is one of the reasons why public transport is so much safer than private cars. There are many people who drive a car when they know they shouldn't - because they are tired, not well, taking medicines that reduce alertness - simply because they don't have an alternative. Let's give them a safe, efficient and comfortable alternative instead of just a bigger and more expensive road.

    Paula Warren

  3. Hamilton National Party MPs David Bennett and Tim MacIndoe are doing a great disservice for Hamilton by not ACTIVELY promoting the commuter rail services starting this year, next year or any specific year.

    It about providing a proper alternative to the need of having to drive. That is not a cramped bus stuck in motorway traffic jams in Auckland, its the alternative of a reliable rail service on its own pathway... a railway!

    I'm not a politican, but who voted for Bennett and MacIndoe? They seem very uninterested in doing anything the people of Hamilton want.

  4. The do-nothing constituent MPs for Hamilton, Bennett and Macindoe, are only interested in towing the Tory Party line. What this city requires are MPs with back-bone who actively promote an integrated transport system for this region, and shy away from the fragmented transport nonsense we are currently lumbered with.