Monday, May 10, 2010

All aboard for the Waikato Express

By Brian Rudman (NZ Herald, 10/5/10)

"Given all the stick we Aucklanders come in for from anyone living south of the Bombay Hills, it's rather endearing that 11,499 Hamiltonians have signed a petition wanting the passenger train service between our two great cities revived.

Somebody loves us after all. Instead of standing back and letting them fight their own battles, Auckland leaders should be rushing to the petitioners' support.

Indeed, we should be encouraging the Hamiltonians to raise their horizons and campaign not just for a commuter service of two or three trips a day, but something more comprehensive. More...

1 comment:

  1. Yes, Brian Rudman, we are trying desperately to raising our horizons; however, we are being hamstrung by two dim-witted National MPs who are more interested in indulging in sycophantic behaviour, instead of looking at the wider picture around an integrated transport system.

    PS: I just need to renew by passport so I can get over the Bombays.