Thursday, September 23, 2010

Greypower apologists for 'Rates Control'?

  A letter appeared in today's Waikato Times pointing out that the 'non-political' local Greypower organisation was actually very political - in favour of the negative whingers and moaners in the 'Rates Control' group. I've written to the Times with my own views on this....
  B M Crawforth’s letter (23 September) criticising the “non-aligned” Hamilton Greypower for its blatant support for the political group ‘Rates Control’ strikes a chord.
  Recently that group held what purported to be a public ‘election meeting’ (6th September) to which it did not invite any candidates other than “Rates Control” ones.
  A few other candidates heard about this meeting one day in advance and were able to attend, but most others did not.
  As someone who helped organise six meetings in the West Ward – to which every single city council candidate was invited and given equal opportunity to speak – I am appalled at the lack of democracy of Greypower and their ‘Rates Control’ mates.
  If that is an example of the open-ness and transparency these groups carry on about, then heaven help the city if these backroom types actually get elected.
  Fortunately, that is a very unlikely occurrence.
  Unfortunately for a once proud and independent organisation, Greypower’s credibility has gone down the tubes, and it will be some time before they recover it.

For the record, I have been predicting for some time that this Rates Control crowd will only get between one and three Councillors elected to Hamilton City Council, and will lose Environment Waikato seats. I have also long predicted that their 'leader' (now there's a misnomer if ever there was one), Roger Hennebry, will come 3rd in the Mayoral race - as another, unkind, Councillor said "Rates Control's biggest problem is their leader!"


  1. It would have been known, infamously, as a Whinger-thon, e.g, the more the whinge the loudest the applause.

  2. Could Rates Control be a Waikato gumbooted version of the Auckland Cits and Rats(Citizens and Ratepayers)equals Nats(New Zealand National Party)?