Monday, May 7, 2012

Nameless, Faceless council attacker outed - hides behind son's name

   The so-called Concerned Citizen website and billboard campaign against Hamilton City Councillors has been revealed as the brainchild of one Ray Stark, Founder and Executive Chairman of 'TalkingTech Ltd', an international 
IT, Communications, debt collection & local government services company.
   Stark used the name and address of his son, and fellow company executive Phil Stark, to front the website. 
   In 1998 Stark was involved with Gary Mallett (former ACT President) and other ACT members in a campaign to get members elected to the Council on the so-called City Vision ticket - TalkingTech's groundbreaking automatic phone messaging service was used to call thousands of Hamilton voters to canvas for their votes, helping get 4 members of the team, including Mallett, elected.
   Stark has also been involved with a Hamilton church, but it is not known why he commenced this secretive campaign, or attempted to hide behind his son's name.
   It is expected that he has plans to run a similar secret squirrel campaign against elected councillors in other cities.
   It is ironic that the TalkingTech website sells itself as providing services for local government:
"Use our COLLECTIONS solution to provide your customers with a friendly reminder that they have an outstanding balance due on their council tax or housing rent account.  We can provide automated payment options for your customers (for example, payment fines) and even facilitate continuous credit / debit card set up."
    Expect such technology to be used in the lead-up to the 2013 council elections for the benefit of those who Stark supports.


  1. Is Stark an Exclusive Brethren or is he like Mallett and Haskell: stark raving mad!!!

  2. I suppose that whinger Easto is in the mix as well!!

  3. Letters in today's Waikato Times from a couple of the usual suspects, Wiberg and Whiner Browne, complaining about the council.
    This 'Concerned Citizens' crowd, aka the Hamilton branch of the ACT Party, are only after one thing: a council that is made up of those of a similar ilk - those with no social conscious. God save us if that ever happens!